Classic Lashes - Mixed Length Trays


Lash Artist Brands Mixed Eyelash Extension Trays include eighteen strips of high quality eyelash extensions. Made of deep black faux mink, our lashes have great flexibility, softness, and easy pick up. Lash Artist Brand eyelash extensions are handmade insuring quality and consistency. Mixed Lash Trays are available in both Classic and Volume and come in the following lengths and curls.

Our Classic Lash extensions are currently available in the following curls.

Lash Curls:

  • C- Curls
  • CC- Curls
  • D Curls

Mixed trays include the following lengths - one (8mm), two (9mm), two (10mm), three (11mm), three (12mm), three (13mm), two (14)mm, two (15mm).

Returns & Exchange Policy

Due to the sanitary nature of our products, all products sales are final.

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